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The Unintentional Trainer’s Guide to Structuring Training

Structuring your training session: it can be difficult to know where to start when you are designing your session.  What goes first?  How much background information (if any) do you give? How much detail do you provide? How long should

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Understanding Talent

I was recently sent this brilliant short video from Sports Scotland on understanding talent.  Of course this has a sports focus, but I think there are a lot of transferable messages that we can learn when thinking about how we

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What Is A Flexible Workforce?

If you Google the term ‘flexible workforce’ you’ll get a whole host of sites and articles which talk about the changing working styles of a modern workforce.  They talk of homeworking, part-time working, teleworking… but is that really what we

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How Do We Ensure Our Delegates Over Learn?

When we want someone to be proficient at something, it would appear that just learning the skills isn’t enough.  To really master a skill or task, we need the learner to over-learn it.  Basically, we need to train them past

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