Are you like a cobblers child?

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Cobblers childrenHave you heard the phrase “the cobblers children go unshod”?  It’s an old one and origin is largely unknown, but the meaning is still very applicable – if not even more so – today.

If you haven’t come across the phrase before, it basically means that the cobbler is so busy looking after the needs of his clients that he neglects the needs of his own children.  You may have seen this play out in real life:  the painter and decorator who never gets round to decorating their own house, the accountant who submits their own tax return late, the gardener whose own garden is overgrown, the trainer who never develops their own skills and knowledge….

Whilst most people can appreciate the irony of these situations and even often laugh about it, for those of us in Learning and Development, failing to maintain and develop our own skills and knowledge can really affect the quality of the learning that we are providing.  Best practice in training design, delivery, methods, assessment, facilitation (to name a few areas) all move on so quickly that it would be easy for us to use out-of-date methods, tools or techniques.

It is vital that as the teacher/educator/facilitator we lead by example and ensure that what we are staying at the top of our game and undertake regular, meaningful CPD.

The Trainers CPD Club can help you do just that.  Every month you get access to a different module and the topics are always focused on key areas that Trainers/Facilitators have identified as learning needs.  I set the Club up to provide CPD in a flexible way – everything is delivered online so you can access it anywhere, at anytime.

Why not check it out?  Click here.

Not ready to commit to monthly CPD?  That’s ok.  You can access our weekly CPD blog over on the Club website.  Short blog posts on emerging trends, models, topics, latest books, allowing you to top up your knowledge over a coffee.  Click here to read the welcome post.

And to help you get started with keeping a CPD record, we’ve made our own 1-page CPD log available (this is the one that I use!) fo you to download for free.  Just click here.

So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t be a cobblers child any longer – grab yourself a nice pair of shiny shoes!  😀

Until next time, happy learning!



Founder of Zostera Ltd and The Trainers CPD Club. I've worked in L&D for over 16 years across both the public and private sectors.

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  1. […] The reason I started The Trainers CPD Club is because I know how hard it is to find time for your own learning and development.  You may have heard me mention this before, but Trainer’s are very often like Cobblers children! (If you’ve never come across that phrase before, click here.) […]

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