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Are you like a cobblers child?

Have you heard the phrase “the cobblers children go unshod”?  It’s an old one and origin is largely unknown, but the meaning is still very applicable – if not even more so – today. If you haven’t come across the

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Are you reinventing the wheel?

A number of years ago I worked for the NHS up here in Scotland.  About 4 months into my employment I was asked to develop a course on appraisal skills aimed at hospital consultants. I duly went away and started

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3 reasons to never give handouts (at the start of the session)

Nowadays, handouts are commonplace.  And most often they are given out to learners/delegates at the start of a session.  Here’s our top three reasons why you should never give handouts until the end of your session: 1.  Without handouts people

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Bloom’s Taxonomy Made Simple

The taxonomy (a fancy word for classification) was created by a committee of educators and chaired by Benjamin Bloom (which is where it got it’s name).  It was a model originally developed (first published around 1956, but worked on from

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The Unintentional Trainers Guide to Music in the Training Room

I’m sitting here in a large coffee chain drinking my gingerbread latte singing along to the classic Christmas hits they are playing throughout the shop.  And I’m thinking to myself “this is ace, I feel so Chrismassy.  There’s a really

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The Unintentional Trainers Guide to Learning Styles

One of the things you may have heard a lot about is the concept of “learning styles”.  You may even at some point have been told what your learning style is.  Basically, the term “learning style” refers to how people

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The Unintentional Trainer’s Guide to The Perfect Handout

Once you have developed your learning solution (whether it’s virtual or face-to-face) one of the things you’ll want to consider is whether or not to provide your delegates with a handout.  Generally speaking, when someone says “I’ve got handouts”, delegates

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Just-In-Time Training: when is it just enough?

Last week a friend was telling me about a trip they are due to make at the end of the month to America to provide some 1-2-1 training to a client on a software system.  Whilst the trip itself sounds

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First Day Nerves?

Last Wednesday was my daughters first day at school.  She had been looking forward to it all Summer and couldn’t wait to go and see her friends again (her class is mostly made up of the children she went to

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Dealing with Difficult Delegates (part 7): Tangent Tracey

We’ve reached part 7 of our Difficult Delegate series and if you are new to training, no-one could blame you for being a bit put off by all these different types of difficult behaviours that we have to deal with. 

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