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How to develop a flexible workforce

The key to successful multi-skilling or cross training is having a clear idea of what you want the outcome of the development programme to be.  Perhaps the best starting point for understanding this is to ask yourself, or colleagues why

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“It’s only some stationery” – the role of L&D in Business Ethics

Did you see the results of the CMI research last week?  29.4% of managers say they behave unethically at work.  29.4%! That’s nearly a third.  (You can read more of the findings here: The reason given by these managers

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Should we be developing capability or competence?

One of the things I enjoy doing when I’m not working or being Mum is competing my fabulous Border Collie in Agility competitions.  If you aren’t familiar with the sport, it’s basically an obstacle course for dogs.  The aim of

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