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The Unintentional Trainers Guide to….. The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom is a technique you can use to maximise the effectiveness of the face-to-face time that you have with your learners.   What is it? Traditionally when you deliver learning face-to-face the session is made up of both

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The Dangers of Self-Directed Learning

Do you want to learn how to change a tyre, fix a mobile phone, conduct an appraisal or interview?  Chances are when you are faced with a task which is unfamiliar to you, the first thing you will do is

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The problem with online learning

Over the last few years we have seen a massive surge in the use of online learning for the delivery of training and development.  Companies are seizing on the opportunity to make training more accessible, more flexible, less time consuming,

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The Unintentional Trainer’s Guide to The Learning Ladder

The learning ladder is a brilliant model to help you think about the process that people go through when learning a new skill. Most of you can probably drive a car so we’ll use that as an example (if you

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Just-In-Time Training: when is it just enough?

Last week a friend was telling me about a trip they are due to make at the end of the month to America to provide some 1-2-1 training to a client on a software system.  Whilst the trip itself sounds

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Dealing with Difficult Delegates: Negative Nelly’s

Everyone has, or will, come across a Negative Nelly.  This is the person who will constantly complain about everything:  their colleagues, their employer, their workload, their environment.  Their attitude may be a product of circumstances, or it may just be

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Are MOOC’s really the next big thing?

I like the idea of MOOC’s, I really do  – even to the point that I started to set one up using Moodle in my last employed post before I even really knew what a MOOC was!  But I’m just

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Collaborative Learning: more than group discussions?

I was reviewing a classroom based programme for a new (and therefore inexperienced) trainer recently. As they talked me through their session, they told me that they knew how important collaborative learning is so had scheduled time for group discussion

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Start your session on the right foot

Research has shown that people learn better when they are in a positive mood.  To help your delegates get the most out of your session, do what you can to ensure that they are feeling happy and positive before you

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Significant Event Analysis: not just for Doctors?

I first came across SEA’s (Significant Event Analysis) when I worked in the NHS. It’s  a system which allows practitioners to review and learn from significant healthcare (in the case of the Health Service) events as a way of improving

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