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Are robots the trainers of the future?

There are some cutting edge learning developments being tested in Scottish classrooms at the moment.  Developments that could impact the sort of classroom learning that we deliver at the moment.  The use of robots to assist teachers. (Sunday Herald, 20th

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What does it mean to be “professional”?

When I started out training many, many years ago, I remember being expected to be “professional”.  Back then, that meant being suited and booted, leading by example by demonstrating the company values and always towing the company line.  It usually

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The “Blue Peter” Approach to Training

I had a really interesting experience last week. An organisation that I volunteer with were running a welcome night to give some newly trained volunteers the opportunity to mingle with some of the longer serving team.  They wanted to do

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The Importance of the H&S Briefing

Have you ever wondered why you do a Health and Safety brieing at the start of every face-to-face session?  Or have you just always trotted out the same old speech about fire exits, fire alarms and fire drills that you

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The problem with online learning

Over the last few years we have seen a massive surge in the use of online learning for the delivery of training and development.  Companies are seizing on the opportunity to make training more accessible, more flexible, less time consuming,

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Top 3 Tips for Successful Co-facilitation

From time to time you may have to deliver a session with another trainer.  Whilst this can be intimidating in some ways (we’ll blog about that another day!), co-facilitating can be great fun for both the facilitators and the learners. 

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3 reasons to never give handouts (at the start of the session)

Nowadays, handouts are commonplace.  And most often they are given out to learners/delegates at the start of a session.  Here’s our top three reasons why you should never give handouts until the end of your session: 1.  Without handouts people

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Do you have a training crutch?

I have always prided myself with being a trainer that doesn’t rely on PowerPoint to deliver a face-to-face session.  Don’t get me wrong, I do use it, but I’m quite confident running a session with just a flip chart and

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It’s not you, it’s them (some of the time anyway)

I had a really interesting experience whilst facilitating last week. I was running an all day session for a group of senior professionals.  After lunch one of the delegates lifted his phone and a notebook and left the room.  I

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The Unintentional Trainers Guide to The Graveyard Slot

Every day I have an energy slump right after lunch.  And I know I’m not alone.  In fact most people experience some kind of energy dip in the afternoon (research has actually pinpointed the time to 2.16pm!) and it’s generally

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