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Anyone can train… or can they?

“Anyone can be a trainer or facilitator.  It’s no big deal. You just stand up and talk about a subject that you know a lot about” I remember the first time I was told this.  I had just started work

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The Unintentional Trainers Guide to….. The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom is a technique you can use to maximise the effectiveness of the face-to-face time that you have with your learners.   What is it? Traditionally when you deliver learning face-to-face the session is made up of both

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Are robots the trainers of the future?

There are some cutting edge learning developments being tested in Scottish classrooms at the moment.  Developments that could impact the sort of classroom learning that we deliver at the moment.  The use of robots to assist teachers. (Sunday Herald, 20th

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What does it mean to be “professional”?

When I started out training many, many years ago, I remember being expected to be “professional”.  Back then, that meant being suited and booted, leading by example by demonstrating the company values and always towing the company line.  It usually

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Are you like a cobblers child?

Have you heard the phrase “the cobblers children go unshod”?  It’s an old one and origin is largely unknown, but the meaning is still very applicable – if not even more so – today. If you haven’t come across the

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5 Top Tips To Get Creative

Training, education, facilitating, developing, teaching… whatever your preferred terminology they all have one thing in common, and that is that they all require a fair degree of creativity if they are going to be done well. I don’t know about

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5 questions to ask yourself to make sure you are not over-sharing.

When I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was going to share something which had happened over the weekend.  But as I started to write it, I began to wonder whether or not I was sharing too much. 

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The Dangers of Self-Directed Learning

Do you want to learn how to change a tyre, fix a mobile phone, conduct an appraisal or interview?  Chances are when you are faced with a task which is unfamiliar to you, the first thing you will do is

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Are you reinventing the wheel?

A number of years ago I worked for the NHS up here in Scotland.  About 4 months into my employment I was asked to develop a course on appraisal skills aimed at hospital consultants. I duly went away and started

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The “Blue Peter” Approach to Training

I had a really interesting experience last week. An organisation that I volunteer with were running a welcome night to give some newly trained volunteers the opportunity to mingle with some of the longer serving team.  They wanted to do

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