About Us

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I’m Fiona Pollock, the founder of Zostera.  I work with people who are looking to develop their skills and confidence in the design and delivery of training, particularly those new to training and subject experts who train others as part of their role.


I started my career as an Operational Manager for a cinema chain    I was taken on as HR & Training Officer for the same company and was required to deliver training to Cinema Manager’s of all levels.  I’ll never forget my first training session – it was a Supervisory level programme being delivered in one of the sites in Scotland.  I understood the content of the course after all I’d been a Manager myself, so I knew how to delegate, how to prioritse correctly, how to motivate others, but I do remember worrying about whether or not I knew how to teach someone else these skills!   I’d never been taught how to deliver training or facilitate a session and hard to learn the hard way:  by doing it wrong then learning from it!

After progressing to the role of Regional Training Manager, I decided it was time for a change and I moved back home to Scotland.  At the same time I took a totally new role career-wise and joined the NHS.  Through-out my 7 years I held various L&D roles and undertook many different projects.  One thing remained constant though – the requirement on subject experts to share their knowledge and skills with others without any real support or development to do so well.

After I had my son, I had the opportunity to take voluntary severance and set up my own business and here we are!

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